Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Dry Rain wins IFP Spotlight Award

Dry Rain is a short film based on the short story by Pete Fromm from his collection of short stories called Dry Rain. We were lucky enough to win a grant to make this film from IFP ( ) called the IFP Spotlight Award.

Here's the official press release on the win:

Matthew Clark Wins 2006 Spotlight Award
Seattle-based filmmaker Matthew Clark and his short film
project "Dry Rain" has been awarded the Fourth Annual
Spotlight Award, a production grant featuring over $100,000
of in-kind goods and services from the leading Northwest
production companies. "Dry Rain" will be produced by Brian
Homman and the cinematographer will be Doug Hostetter.
The following is a brief description of the project:

"Dry Rain" takes place on the high plains of the Montana /
Canadian border. Stil is caught in his own drought - his
family, financial means, and power to do anything about
either, have evaporated. This afternoon, Stil has crossed
the line, stealing his son, Joey, from his ex-wife. The question
is whether he has taken Joey on a "vacation" across the
border, or has abducted him to receive a ransom for the boy's

IFP/Seattle Spotlight Award grants one Seattle-based
filmmaker comprehensive production resources to complete
one 22-minute (or less) short film. The filmmaker must
reside and the production must be completed in one of the
following areas currently served by the IFP/Seattle, namely:
Alaska, British Columbia, Idaho, Montana, Oregon or Washington.

This year's IFP/Seattle Spotlight Award is being sponsored by:
Alpha Cine Labs, Clatter + Din, Complete Casting, Eastman
Kodak, Jungle Software, Modern Digital and Oppenheimer Cine

Past award winners include John Helde's "Hello," starring Eric
Stoltz and Susanna Thompson; Dan Brown's animated "Pierre,"
and well as Cheryl Slean's "Diggers," starring Phil Davis and
Marie Matiko.