Thursday, May 22, 2008

Props from the Stranger

(Nathan Gamble on the set of Dry Rain in Helmville, Montana waiting out some weather.)

Just opened this week's Seattle Stranger. We got our first newspaper reviews! The Stranger's Annie Wagner paid us a double edged compliment. I guess that goes with the territory. Thanks Annie!

Here's the blurb: "...One of the better locally produced shorts in the festival, Matthew J. Clark's Dry Rain is's about a noncustodial parent (James Le Gros) spiriting his unusually bright kid (Tacoma native Nathan Gamble) across the Canadian Border for a "vacation." The acting is great, and the little prodigy isn't even annoying"

Like I said, we'll take all the props we can get!

The Film runs at SIFF on May 31st at 4 p.m. in the SIFF Cinema in Seattle Center. Dry Rain runs in a program of other shorts. So you'll get to see it stacked up against films from South Africa, Scotland, Australia, the UK and other U.S. Films.

Annie went on to say that the program, All in the Family, is the darker family-themed shorts package (if you want kid-friendly fare, see The Family Picture Show). I for one can't wait to see some of the other films. Should be cool.

See you there.