Wednesday, August 22, 2007

How all this started

(Christine, James, Matt & Nathan)

There is a huge list of people that I need to thank. I can't start here just yet, but I do have a special thank you to pass along:

About two years ago, I started talking to Christine about Dry Rain. Now, it needs to be noted that Christine is not only an excellent listener and my girlfriend. She also has a knack for remembering important details, filing those details away and then bringing them back up at a later date. Dry Rain stuck in her head with our many conversations about it. She went so far as to get the book from the library and read it just to know what I was talking about when I'd ramble on about how cool I thought it would be to make into a film. Of course at theat time, I was just day dreaming, but I knew it would make a compelling short film. Christine brought the story up every now and then, asking me questions about how I saw it unfold on screen and what the locations were like or what the characters were like in my head. She was persistant in keeping it simmering in our collective minds. Finally, Christine brought it up that it seemed like it was time I make it into a film. She basically kicked me to get me going on making it all happen. She lit the fire that got this whole thing going.

(Christine helping with that location scouting!)

I just want to give a big shout out to Christine, not only to tell her how much I love her, but to thank her for being patient and being persistant with me. Ever since this thing started moving forward, she'd been with me on numerous trips to Great Falls and Montana location scouting, meeting with Pete, more location scouting and dealing with me being distracted by the whole project. This summer, she took a big leap in supporting the project by turning down paying work and jumping on board as Costume Designer. She was awesome. It was so great having her there attending to details and thinking it all through.

(Christine & Eddie in Conrad, MT)

Now she's back to another paying gig (hopefully we all will be soon) with hardly a rest from working her self ragged on Dry Rain. Thanks Christine for all your hard work! I love you!