Friday, July 18, 2008

Palm Springs International Short Fest!!

The Crew the day before shooting begins in the parking lot of the Super 8 in Conrad, Montana. From Left to Right: Ted Barnes (Gaffer), Mike Prevette (1st AC), Jason Puccinelli (Production Designer), Oscar Lofgren (Prop Master), Dave Hayes (Best Boy Grip) and Eddie Adams (Production Manager).

We got another under our hats ladies and gentlemen. Dry Rain is now an official selection to the Palm Springs International Short Fest! This is a great honor that we're really excited about. We just got word late last night that we're in! The festival runs August 21 - 27, 2008 down in of all places, Palm Springs.

Now comes the challenging aspect to entering festivals: which one to go to and how to make it there! I'm really hoping to go to L.A. for the L.A. Shorts Fest. I might be able to combine two fests at once since L.A. and Palm Springs pretty much run back to back. Brian Homman, the Dry Rain producer, may go to Palm Springs...we'll see. Either way, we'll represent.

The next challenge is getting the print shipped to both places and dealing with logistics. Since we only have one print and it needs to be in nearly two places at once, we're in a bit of a bind. We do have HD versions of the show to screen, but we'd really prefer to show the 35mm print. It'll look so much better.

When we know more about Palm Springs, we'll let ya'll know the screening times and the goods on when and where. Rumor has it Brian will be hosting a party in his room. Should be really sweet.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Screening Time for LA Shorts Fest

Christine McBride keeping the rain off Nathan and James. Luckily the storm didn't last long.

Just got the word today from the LA Shorts Fest. Dry Rain will be screening with a group of films, much like in Seattle, on August 20th at 9:45pm. Typically in these short film festivals, they group a number of films together to get to about an hour and a half or so. It is always interesting to see the other films and who you are up against. Hopefully the 9:45pm time slot will allow lots of people to see it and especially the jury.

So who's going to L.A.? We gotta meet up before hand. I know there are lots of people we know in L.A. We hope to see you all out there.