Thursday, November 1, 2007

Finally...a new post!

I'm so far behind on the blog. I have to apologize. As soon as we wrapped shooting back in August (yikes, August) we dove right into post. I spent a great week in Santa Monica editing with our famed editor Lee Gardner. It was awesome. We made a ton of progress and really shaped the story. Then October came and went and we continued to work out the kinks and smooth it all out. Lee continued to plug away at the project and really made some great progress.

Now, after some paying work took me away, I'm back on Dry Rain and we're really seeing some daylight. We locked picture last week. (that means the editing is done and we're moving onto finishing the color and music and other details...the icing). We need to work out the details of finishing the film, but we know for sure by the end of December we'll have a complete film.

We even have a trailer to share: If you go to the StraighEIGHT Films link, you'll find the trailer. Just a little something to get you excited about the entire film.

Take a look and enjoy.