Monday, October 15, 2007

Sundance & Slamdance

I think the top question I get lately is: "when do you hear from Sundance?" or "Did you get into Sundance?" Well, we did make the submission deadline for Sundance. It was a long week of editing, but Lee Gardner and I made it with some long nights of editing. We submitted the rought cut, which is totally normal for films in production so close to the submission deadline. We are keeping our finger's crossed to find out.

The other big festival we submitted to was slamdance. Slamdance started as an answer to the seemingly mainstream fare at Sundance. It takes place as the same time as Sundance but is mainly in Salt Lake instead of up on the hill in Park City. It is equally as important in terms of getting your film seen. We would be thrilled to be at either. You just can't be at both festivals. You gotta choose. Now wouldn't that be a great problem to have: choosing between the two dances.