Monday, August 6, 2007

Dusty got some love

When Dusty came to us, he had been long forgotten about in an alley in Seattle's Greenwood Neighborhood, wedged between the neighbor's overgrown bamboo and the crazy jazz musicians little house. When I saw the pictures of him on Craig's list, I knew he'd be perfect.

Well, we got him home and he just didn't run like he should. I had hoped for a car that could spin the tires and kick up some dust. Dusty was only making dust out his tail pipe.

In comes a friend of mine, Christo Corzatte, with loads of mechanic experience. He immediately diagnosed the problem and jumped in to fix the problem. The diagnosis on Dusty wasn't great, but Christo figured he could get him to run for the shoot. He called me when he had completed the tune up. I think his words were something like "I think your actor can fully realize his part and rise to the challenge." Dusty was back!

I took him for a test drive on Saturday. After he was all warmed up, I stuck my foot in it...the tires spun, the dirt flew and I was a happy man.

Another challenge to the whole film making process checked off our list. Total cost for the picture car: $500 Value in seeing the musician get his cash for an old clunker: Priceless!

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