Thursday, April 24, 2008

Final Answer Print

Today, we sat down with the crew at Alpha Cine to screen our first answer print of Dry Rain. An Answer Print is a release print that is created to look at all the technical things to make sure they've come together on the screen and look right. Things like color, lip synch, and other details get reviewed to ensure it looks right.

I tell you, looking at the print on the screen was so awesome. Finally! To see it big and not on a video monitor or worse, on a small computer screen in some low res Quicktime. It was great to see all the subtle details in the image and performance. So we're on to the next step....getting it into the festivals.

At the screening, we had, amongst a couple of friends and some lab employees, Jeff Tilotson, our colorist from Flying Spot Film Transfer, Shane Dillon, the final conform and EQ artist that put the together in its final form at Flying Spot, Mark Brown, the artist that does the film out from digital files, Lisa Cohen, the lab's producer and the lab owner, Don Jensen. It was great to have everyone there and put eyes on the finished print. And my first audience. It was a little intimidating to have an audience of such discernible people, but it went over well.

We'll make a few tweaks to the contrast in a couple of scenes, but we are nearly there!

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