Friday, October 24, 2008

Dry Rain in Missoula

Nathan Gamble & writer Pete Fromm ham it up for the camera on the last day of shooting in Helmville, Montana.

We're in Missoula for the local premier of Dry Rain. We'll be screening at the Wilma Theater tonight. What a cool old theater to screen our film in. It is a place that holds lots of memories for me. I've lived in Missoula on and off over the years, my father grew up here and my Aunts and Uncles and cousins populate the town. Seems like around every corner I run into family or friends. Being in Missoula is special.

One interesting fact (or urban legend) is that famous film director David Lynch use to live in the Wilma when he was a boy. The apartments upstairs above cinema have always been interesting and weird. Seems perfect that Lynch lived there! His family later moved to Spokane and then out to the coast. Clearly living in such interesting places had an influence on the work Lynch would later create. In Twin Peaks, he makes several references to his former home in Montana. Then there is Inland Empire that combines many of his experiences, too.

A big highlight for Dry Rain is that we'll be on Montana Public Radio tonight. Producer William Marcus interviewed me and Pete Fromm last week for the story. If you don't live in Montana, you can check it out on KUFM's website. They'll have it in their library on-line for awhile, too.

The event tonight is apart of the Montana Festival of the Book. We're lucky to land in the prime spot of a Friday night at 7:30. We couldn't ask for a better spot. We're excited. We'll have pictures and thoughts posted here later this weekend.

James Le Gros, as Stil, and Nathan Gamble, as Joey, examine the road tar, pressing it into a little volcano during the 5th day of shooting Dry Rain.