Thursday, August 16, 2007

Day Two

Today was our biggest day of shooting in terms of sheer number of pages to cover in the script. We managed to knock out six pages. It was a lot of realestate to cover, but we plowed through it and got it done. Everyone was extemely patient as we covered the scene. It looked great. Doug did a great job of capturing a naturalistic look that felt right for the interior of the Home Cafe.

One of the main reasons we chose this location was the look. The interior styling in the place probaly hasn't changed in 20 years or more. It offered all the things we needed in a location including close proximity to other locations, great windows, easy access and a cafe that was only a cafe. Many small towns in Montana have cafes, but they tend to be combinations of cafes, bars and other businesses all rolled into one. We wanted a cafe that was just a cafe as to not confuse the viewers as to where we were or what kind of place it was.

Highlights of the day include: amazing performances by Nathan and James, Jodie Harwood on set today playing the role of the waitress (she was great), and Pete Fromm's kids, Nolan and Aidan, on set helping out both on and off camera as stand-ins, hand models and body doubles for Nathan.
My mom has been on the shoot. She's our official Set Teacher. She's been hanging out with Nathan, keeping an eye on him and reading books with him between takes and set-ups. I think she is having fun. She's always wanted to come hang out and see how the crew works. She might have gotten her fill after this job!
We pack up in this morning and roll to our next location and to our next basecamp in Lincoln, Montana. Lincoln is famous for being the home town of the Unibomber. I doubt we'll see any hooded madmen on this trip.
Another great day of shooting went down. We tackle all the driving stuff tomorrow. That will be fun. Thanks To Christine McBride for the on-set photos!

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