Monday, August 13, 2007

We Shoot Tomorrow!

Today was a good day. Everyone got here for our final prep day. No one got lost (not really), no one got bumped from their flights(OK, just a little), no one had mechanicals preventing them from showing up and we all made it to Conrad in one piece. The gang's all here and we'll start shooting tomorrow.

The day started with several of us eating breakfast at the Home Cafe. Not only is the cafe one of our shooting locations, but it is also our go to spot for Breakfast. Great bunch of people down there at the Home Cafe. They've been taking good care of us.

Nathan Gamble was first into wardrobe fittings this morning. He was so fired up and ready to get to work. His great attitude is a shot in the arm. He's already blending in well with the crew.

James LeGros arrived today. His original flight plan had him coming in last night, but delays out of LAX kept him from us until this afternoon. He was eager to get after it and get things done. He's super easy going and totally on board. I think he's already been slinging the jabs at Pete Fromm already. So he's fitting in well, too. Rose, Pete's wife, would be proud of James.

While the crew did final tech scouting and prep work, Nathan, James and I worked through a rehearsal and visited our location in Pendroy. It feels like we're all on the same page.

Jason, our production designer, was out working on prop phones today. One of the central props is a broken handset from a phone booth. Jason worked on crafting those. Funny the little things you have to do for a shoot.

You gotta check out Mike Prevette's photos from today. He's our camera assistant and focus puller, but he's also an accomplished photographer, editor and cinematographer in his own right. He's a great asset on our crew. His photos are cool.

So here we go... We shoot Tomorrow! I can't wait to get the first shot off tomorrow. What a fun ride this will be!

Here's some more action from today:

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