Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Dry Horror

Pete said he could probably write these guys into the film. Changes the tone of the whole thing, but we know Pete's got the skills to work it out. Despite what Pete says, I have confidence in him. His quote about the rewrite after having a look at the image below: "Working on the rewrite now. Shit, it's a horror story."
Actually, that's Ted Barnes, Gaffer and Dave Hayes, Best Boy Grip, in the car being our stand-ins for some driving scenes. These guys were great. They'd throw in where ever...didn't matter. If it needed to get done, they were there. Thanks guys!

Here's Dave's homage to the Unabomber. We did go to Lincoln, Montana, home of Unabomber himself! Ted Kaczynski hunkered down in a small log cabin and banged out his Manifesto on an old type writer. Brought about 15 minutes of fame to the small town of Lincoln. I think Dry Rain and Pete Fromm combined out did the Unabomber in terms of noteriety!

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