Thursday, September 6, 2007

Great Falls Tribune gives Dry Rain a Nod

Check it out. We're really gaining some momentum here with the press. The Great Falls Tribune just printed a story about Dry Rain. Nice article. Its interesting to hear the side of locals about our production being in their town.
Everyone out there including Scott, the owner of the Home Cafe, and Doreen from the Rose Room, were great and very supportive of our project. One funny story about Doreen, and I'm sure there are more! Doug and I were shooting second unit stuff after we wrapped the main unit. It was a Monday. We stopped by to say hello to Doreen and have a beer. But she was closed! Of course she was there and came out and talked our ear off. She just wanted to chat. She even offered us a beer...on the house! We couldn't even give her any money. "Nope" she said, "the till is closed up and don't have any money to make change. Its on me." And what a good beer it was. We sat out on the bench where we had shot James and Nathan and enjoyed the warm afternoon and Doreen's chatter about forrest fires and what not.

Thanks Brian for the photos. Check out his stuff on his flickr site. Links are to your right or go HERE to his flickr site


Stephanie Cristalli said...

Nice job Matt and Chritine! It's great to see your dreams in motion.All the best!

mjc said...

Thanks Steph!

Kevin said...

Where can I see this film? I've seen the trailer at least a dozen times now and each time I want to see it more and more.