Thursday, November 15, 2007

Looking Back - Thanks Vitamin Water!

I was looking back at photos from the shoot. There were so many cameras on set, it is no surprise that I keep seeing new pics all the time. This series of images gives you a little insight to the crazyness and boredom that can make the crew go sideways. Of course, there was very little time for being bored! Our creative team of photographers managed to find some interesting subject matter and a little time to actually snap a shot or two.
This particular set is from my fiance, Christine McBride. (oh yes, fiance...that's another story) She was out to portray our sponsor, Vitamin Water, in a realistic fasion on set. She tried to show it in all the different settings she could find.A big shout out to Virginia LaForte for her support of Dry Rain through the donation of Vitamin water for the cast and crew. The thing I love about Virginia is she is a make it happen kind of woman. She saw a need and just called us up and said where can I drop ship a bunch of Vitamin Water. She just did it and took charge. Thanks for helping us out Virginia. And, btw, Vitamin Water was a big hit on set!

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