Friday, November 16, 2007

What Writers do on Set

Do you ever wonder what writers do on set? You know, their work is done, they've written the script, time to sit back and watch it all happen right? Wrong. If you are Pete Fromm, you sit back every now and then. Sometimes you get after the director, sometimes you hassle the talent. Sometimes, you even teach the crew how to throw rocks and then get them all to do it at once. Hmmm.... maybe we should start a new crew position for a guy like Pete: Set Jester. He was so good at keep everyone entertained!

Ok, he did some writing right before we started shooting. He earned his keep. And, the addition of having his two sons on set was great. They became indespensable for standing in and working and being body doubles. What a deal.

Christine shot these stelthy photos of Pete behind the scenes. She captured the essence of the writer in his element.

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